Medical massage is an ailment-specific massage that uses advanced skills and techniques of massage therapy. It often is performed by medically trained health-care practitioners who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their massage treatments. Medical massage incorporates theory and techniques from acupuncture, meridian therapy, osteopathic techniques of soft-tissue manipulation, Chinese techniques of tuina and guasha, and cupping. Electrotherapy often is used in conjunction with hands-on treatments to further enhance therapeutic effects.

Medical massage is very relaxing, meditative and enjoyable, and it relieves symptoms of illness. It is very effective for chronic pain, stress and anxiety reduction, migraines, female issues, depression, fatigue, pre- and post-surgery issues, immune system strengthening, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, energy balancing, weight reduction, cellulite, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as sports- and work-related injuries.

Medical massage incorporates lymphatic drainage, connective-tissue therapy, craniosacral techniques, tuina, guasha, heat treatments, myofascial release, soft-tissue manipulation, acupressure, scar tissue therapy, progressive relaxation and other related modalities.

Medical qi gong is a form of channeled energetic healing, that can rebalance body energies and heal our minds, psyches, souls and bodies. It can help heal many ailments and illnesses on many different levels (physical, etheric and astral). Qi gong therapy is subtle, deep, relaxing and very effective when it is done by a practitioner with a healing/medical background who has been trained by Taoist qi gong masters.

This training takes many years of difficult practice, that often test the practitioner’s dedication to medical qi gong. Many medical qi gong practitioners have had training in the martial arts.

Qi gong therapy often includes teaching simple, easy and practical qi gong exercises to the patient/client so he or she can assist the therapy between treatments. These exercises often are individualized to the patient’s specific ailment, illness or symptom. This therapy has been successfully used for thousands of years in the Orient.

Medical massage and medical qi gong can be done together or separately. They are extremely powerful and effective therapies when done by properly trained practitioners.

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