Ancient movement arts for modern times.

Coonchi is an exercise sequence taught in a group or one-on-one based on the needs of the people being taught. It derives from tai chi, chi kung, and several martial art forms from the ages, adapted for today’s busy person’s schedule and needs. Coonchi helps us relax, get centered, balanced and improves our blood circulation, our concentration and attention. It gives us energy, a youthful appearance and can be practiced easily at home or at the office using whatever floor space is available to you at the time you choose to practice.

These movement exercises are easy to learn; there are no more than 20 movements to learn for any given exercise sequence. The benefits are plentiful and felt almost immediately. You can expect some of the results and effects of yoga and meditation. Coonchi is done in continuous motion: standing up, slowly, gently, gracefully. You’ll learn to breathe more effectively, which will calm and heal you with improved blood and energy circulation.

These exercises have been used for centuries to relax and heal people of all ages, sizes and cultural backgrounds. Coonchi has adapted these exercises for our times, making then easily accessible to learn and use with the same proved effects and results of the ages. They are simplified, demystified, practical and easy for anyone of any age to learn and begin benefiting immediately.

These movement exercises are safe and have no adverse side effects, only positive benefits for all who learn and practice them. Coonchi has been developed over many years of research, practice and study, carefully designed to help us through our challenging times, to prevent stress from hurting us and to heal whatever ails us. We need to keep our bodies and minds healthy, calm, alert and well-functioning, so we can look and feel our best. Coonchi will make you look and feel younger.

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