Cosmetic acupuncture and electrical stimulation can help sagging muscles in the arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen, face and breasts. This approach is popular both in the Orient and Europe.

Acupuncture and electrical stimulation tend to contract sagging muscles while increasing blood flow through them. With age, we tend to have a decrease in blood flow and circulation to our muscles causing them to lose elasticity, thereby appearing droopy and saggy. This non-invasive treatment can fill out muscles where needed, making us look and feel younger.

Breasts can be enhanced, wrinkles reduced, complexion improved, acne reduced, facial muscles lifted, abdominal muscles contracted and sometimes arms and legs can be tightened.

A general sense of well-being is felt, along with the added benefit of overall health, boosting the immune system, improving digestion and slowing down the aging process in the body.

We all deserve to look and feel our best, especially during these difficult times, we need to replenish and regain our vitality, energy, beauty and health.

When this acupuncture specialty is done properly, it should be relative painless. The benefits certainly outweigh the possible discomfort. Usually a series of six to 12 bi-weekly or weekly treatments is necessary to achieve desired results.

If you feel you would like to look and feel younger and prettier, then you should give yourself the gift you deserve — cosmetic acupuncture.

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