Hair loss occurs in men because of nutritional deficiencies, illness, stress and genetic factors. It occurs in women because of stress, hormonal imbalances and poor diets. Hair loss is a sign that the body is energetically unbalanced, causing toxic build-up and poor circulation.

Hair growth can resume and improve with acupuncture treatments and Chinese Medicine. In Chinese medical theory, the kidneys are very important to hair growth. Treatments need to increase blood circulation to an optimal level, get rid of blood-flow obstructions and blockages, and fine tune the endocrine and reproductive systems. The basic organs of the body need to be synchronized energetically before hair can begin to grow back thicker and stronger.

The death of hair follicles results from insufficient blood circulation which inhibits the delivery of nutrients and toxin removal. Even when foreign chemicals damage the follicles, good circulation can quickly remove toxins and prevent the follicles from dying.

An overly acidic body can cause hair loss. By balancing body functions, reducing stress and consuming a more alkaline diet, hair growth can improve.

Taking the right supplements and herbal medicines also will help because deficiencies are replenished.

Other benefits from these treatments are: increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress and increased immune function.

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