The Psyche of Infertility

Most of us would agree that the mind and body work together. The emotional and psychological factors/forces involved in infertility can be dealt with through talking with a health care professional or by using the body to help and heal the mind and emotions, to create fertility. A healthy peaceful mind is very important to conception, and just as crucial through pregnancy, to birth, for a healthy baby of both mind, body and spirit. This is often overlooked by many of us. There are optimal times for conception, where the man and woman are planning a family, they can both get their health as optimal as possible, and the psyches and emotions well balanced, for the time of conception.

Psychological factors around infertility can be worked through by talking them out, as well as by using our bodies wisdom, to help rid us of interfering emotions, making fertility ineffective or complex. Fear for instance is a factor often with infertility for the woman. Fear of pregnancy, weight gain, delivery, stretch marks, responsibility for a baby and child, illness related to pregnancy, or the fetus etc.etc. Expressing these fears is a first step, talking about them is another step, finding ways to shed these fears. The next step is fixing the part of the body that produces and supports this fear.

The part of the body, the organ responsible for our fear, is the kidney. The kidneys are also physiologically responsible for our reproductive capacity and capability. If the kidneys are worked on, strengthened, balanced, energized, they will increase in their reproductive capacity and capability, while reducing the underlying fears around reproduction, thus increasing fertility. This is a great example of the body and mind working together.

Infertility often comes with a fair amount of worry and over thinking. Once again there is an organ responsible for this and that is the spleen. In oriental medicine, the spleen is of utmost importance to the woman’s gynecological health and well being, and her reproductive functions. Worrying and over thinking can be reduced by talking with a health care professional along with strengthening the functioning of the spleen, which will reduce a lot of the worrying and over thinking which can increase fertility.

When the mind and body work together and are balanced, we flow energetically, physically, emotionally, eliminating blockages and obstructions allowing reproduction and fertility to happen. For this to occur, some men and women need help. Spiritual counseling, emotional counseling, meditation, visualization, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Acupuncture, oriental medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong will help heal and balance the body’s organs and systems i.e. endocrine, reproductive, increase circulation of energy and blood flow, while reducing obstructions, and blockages. Acupuncture and oriental medicine will help heal the psyche along with counseling, meditation, visualization to reduce infertility and promote health, fertility, conception, pregnancy and delivery.