Coonchi Autism Martial Arts


Repetitive training movement

Acquired skills through CAMA
extend to all aspects of daily routine & life

Improved interaction with others,
communication skills, learning & behavioral skills

Many health benefits
physically, emotionally, & behavioral

Help detox naturally,
free-up blocked energy, & improve digestion

Theraputic training program taught to austic children and their parents, relatives, and friends with can help the child practice daily at home


Autistic children and teens, respond favorably to personal one-on-one, or even small group martial arts. By design, most martial arts require a lot of repetitive training, movement, and focus which autistic people have already accomplished. I see this as ‘like cures like’; do more repetitive activity to break out of repetitive activity. Martial arts begin with repetition of basic movements and form. Eventually children break out of this to become practical, skilled, focused, open minded, responsible, giving, humble, polite, etc. These traits and skills obtained through Coonchi Martial Arts Training extend to all aspects of our life and daily routines. Other skills acquired, include interaction with others,
communication, learning, behavioral skills, respecting one’s environment and others, and how we affect others through our behavior or lack of it. All skills learned through Coonchi Martial Arts Training can be transferred to our daily lives, and is proven remarkable for autistic children who enjoy marital arts training.

Coonchi is a martial art developed over a lifetime of training, learning, and teaching based on different types of martial arts from Japan, China, Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hawaii. Coonchi is synthesized, adjusted, and customized to the individual autistic child according to their capabilities, emotional state, and physical being working with and around their present limitations all the while setting realistic practical goals.

There are many physical and emotional health benefits developed from learning Coonchi:

Coonchi can be done and taught in the comfort of their homes, in a safe familiar environment where they learn these new skills, and improve their health and psyche. They begin to transfer what they learn from Coonchi, into their daily lives.

This paragraph was taken out of ‘The Autism Answer Book’ by William Stillman:
“Martial Arts offers children with autism and adults a training program that best suits their way of being, thinking that is very visual, lots of repetition, also sequential and incremental learning levels of achievement, designated by color, all in a manner that’s self contained and now competitive. Martial arts dictates slow deliberate methodical awareness of one’s limbs, as they relate to space, and to one another whether in motion, or holding a position. This registers heightened brain-body awareness for your child. There’s no rush, and participants may progress at their own pace and comfort level. Through martial arts of one form or another, many children with autism have experienced optimized benefits, while concurrently expanding their social and personal successes.”