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Throughout history, we have grappled with the problems of old age and degeneration. Once, in ancient times a newborn infant was not expected to live beyond twenty. With the conquest of disease, life expectancy has gradually risen.

We can and must struggle against old age. It can be treated just as any other illness because what we’re accustomed to regard as normal, old age is actually an abnormal, premature phenomenon.

We’ve almost from the beginning of human history, looked forward to the day when our lives might go on over the century mark. Various methods have been advanced since the advent of medical science.

Sooner or later every person becomes interested in the baffling problem of the secret of keeping young. It’s only natural that our attention should turn again and again to means for the prolongation of human life. Most people dread old age and subsequent death. Death comes too soon. From time immemorial we’ve tried to find ways for the graduation of physical suffering, for the restoration of youth and for the prolongation of life.

Biology, the study of life, pictures life as a continuous tide-like process consisting of building up and partial tearing down. In this process food particles are assimilated by the living organism; then they’re broken down, thus liberating energy indispensable for life’s functions. Growth may be thought of as an excess of assimilation over dissimilation. Food and its assimilation lead to growth.

The processes of regeneration goes on during our entire lifetime. Despite the rhythmic succession of work and rest, the cells of the organs gradually wear out. To replace them, new generations of cells arise, born of the old cells and resembling them. The death and rebuilding of parts of the organs and tissues proceed continuously within us in the course of our entire life. The liver cells posses the ability to multiply and regenerate. Medicine is faced with learning to control that inner medium in which the cellular elements live, to find methods for its systematic sanitation, cleansing, and renewal. Old age is the loss of the ability to regenerate.

The nutrition of the cell is disturbed, and their starvation sets in, and their life activity is lowered, age comes on. As we age it is often said we dry up. Wrinkles appear, the skin becomes thin and flabby and dry. Aging is characterized by a further decrease in water content. The old organism dries up not because of an insufficient intake of water, but because the aged tissues of the muscles, skin, and internal organs have lost their ability to retain water. The loss of water in the old organism is the result and not the cause of aging. It’s important for us to live a simple life, with as little worry, fear, and sadness as possible, so that we may slow down the aging process. If we need help achieving this then by all means, seek out help. Go for counseling, acupuncture, herbal consults, body work, spiritual guidance use any and all resources available to help in the prolongation of our lives.

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