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N.A.O.T. is an incredibly complete hands-on approach, to healing the autism spectrum child.
This therapy is done as a play therapy. It can be done sitting, standing, or lying down, approaching the child in a safe non-threatening way, which will make him or her confident, and comfortable, to be gently touched, to be healed. This therapy can be done, in the comfort of the child’s home environment, where the familiar seating can make the treatment easier to do.


NEUR0. is for the nervous system, using the skin surface and light neuro-muscular, connective tissue Techniques, from Europe, and the Orient, to help the neural development of the child, to remove toxins, stagnation , obstructions, in and along the energy pathways, along the nervous system’s channels. This is a gentle very effective technique, perceived as pleasant and enjoyable, to the child having it done.

ACU. stands for acupressure, using the principles of oriental medicine, placing gentle finger tip pressure on various points or places in the body, usually the extremities, legs, arms, hands, feet and the back. This will help accentuate and accelerate the neuro. treatments discussed above, helping regulate the digestion system, remove toxins, and balancing the various systems and organs in the child’s body. This is a very powerful combination of treatments with great results, completely non-invasive and perceived as pleasant and effective.

OSTEO. is soft gentle manual therapy from Europe and the orient, making very subtle adjustments to the child’s articulations, tendons, ligaments, and joints, to help the growth of the child, and improve neural development, and learning.

COMBINING THESE TECHNIQUES ABOVE – NEURO. ACU. OSTEO. THERAPY is very powerful and effective in helping to:

  • Remove Toxins, Obstructions, and Stagnations
  • Improve the Autistic Child Physically and Emotionally
  • Improve Digestion, the Immune System Function, Sleep,
  • Learning, Neural Development, and Functioning.

N.A.O.T. or NEURO. ACU. OSTEO. THERAPY is a great way to treat the whole child, body, mind, and soul based on some of the world’s best techniques, to make the child much better.

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