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Autistic children often appear as if their souls have been stolen, taken away, or lost temporarily. The child and their family members are all trying to retrieve this soul. The autistic child came here, with a soul that, got lost or taken away, as we know it and is looking to find it, to get it back. Being very young they need our help in retrieving their soul.


ASRMT is based on the ancient time tested, meridian based therapies, and principals of the orient.
ASRMT is applied to the autistic child, to help balance their emotions, through use of the energy channels, and pathway often referred to, as meridians. With the advent of Cat Scans, MRI, it has been proven that these meridians do exist, and can be used to treat emotional, psychological, and physiological conditions in us. It can be easier to treat, the autistic child, physiologically to help heal their psyche, emotions, and soul, and often quicker too.

Each organ in the child’s body corresponds to a different emotion. The basic emotions ASRMT deals with are fear, anger, sadness, and worry, and ASRMT works on the energy pathways, that run through basic organs in the autistic child. Each of these basic organs, correspond to particular emotions.

  • The kidneys are related to fear
  • The liver is related to anger
  • The lungs are related to sadness
  • The spleen is related to worry

The child’s energy pathways run just under the skin’s surface, making it easier to treat, than adults, whose energy channels, run a bit deeper, through the muscles. ASRMT autism soul retrieval meridian therapy can be done in several ways depending on each child’s trust, and willingness to be touched therapeutically.

  • Light touch manual therapy, tracing meridians with a hand, or hand held plastic, or horn therapeutic tool is always pleasant and effective.
  • Acupressure by hand, finger, or a metal blunt pen type tool, on, and among acupuncture points, that corresponds to the organ and system, to be worked on for a particular emotion or physiological ailment. This is a time proven method of healing, and treating the body and mind energetically, excellent for neuro-developmental disorders.
  • Acupuncture, if the child permits, often after trust, has been established by acupressure and light touch manual therapy. Gentle painless ultra thin acupuncture pins are gently inserted, just into the skin where the meridians flow, and are quickly removed. This is done several times at different acupuncture points along the child’s skin. Adolescent and adults, with autism, can handle these pins remaining in their skin for minutes. Young children receive great results after seconds on each point, and this is based on century’s old and proven healing traditions from the orient. This works at a deeper level to help treat and heal digestion, immune function, detox, balance emotions, and retrieve the soul.
  • Soft tissue adjustments, combined with soft gentle subtle work on the child’s muscles and joint, feels like play to the child, helps work through various blockages, both energetic and circulatory, really improves circulation, the key to healing the body, mind, and soul.

Autism soul retrieval meridian therapy’s (ASRMT) will help you get your child back, and your child will come back. This can be a gradual process, so patience is required for the parents, and significant others. As the child gets their digestion back, detoxes, get a stronger immune system,
sleeps better, their soul will be ready for retrieval, also learning and neuro-development will improve and progress.

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