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Imagine getting all the benefits of personal training, cardio, endurance, stretching, strength and body shaping, while learning a practical, safe way to defend and protect yourself at the same time.

A lot of the secrets to healthy longevity, beauty, self esteem, lack of fear and confidence are contained in self defense exercises and techniques.

Personal protection has become an important concern to all of us, our families, and those we care for. The type of self defense we look for is often of a personal need of ours. This cannot easily be gotten out of a group class, where the training is not personalized. Martial arts programs tend to take a long time of doing them to be able to effectively defend ourselves in a real, potentially dangerous situation.

One-on-one personal self defense training is geared to the individual’s size, gender, physical abilities, age and personal realistic goals, and are set forth between the trainer and the student. There’s no need to fear other students and practitioners in a class or group instruction setting, and no ego issues to deal with, just good quality, practical training to fit your needs and expectations. The training should be reality-based and something you can use, almost immediately, if you had to. In a short time, you should be able to defend yourself, get in better shape, improve your breathing capacity, muscle tone, cardio, stamina and endurance. Your coordination will improve, and so will your libido and circulation. You’ll have more energy, sleep better, digest more easily, and be less depressed or anxious.

Look for a self defense personal trainer who is well trained in several martial arts, is open-minded, and is someone you feel comfortable and safe to learn from. This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself!

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